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Want a PCC but you need to find a budget carbine? Wondering what is the best 9mm carbine? Here are our top 5 best 9mm carbines for this year:

✅ 1. Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2
✅ 2. Hi-Point 995 TS
✅ 3. Ruger PC Carbine
✅ 4. Palmetto State Armory 9 mm PX-9
✅ 5. TNW Firearms Aero

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Today, we want to take a look at pistol caliber carbines or short PCCs. In fact, we will focus on their 9 mm variants. Why? 9 mm is one of the most common and most affordable pistol rounds out there, and it comes in many flavors. This makes it easy to get it cheap in bulk for training as well as the right load for self- or home defense.

This leads of course right to the next question: Why a pistol caliber carbine at all? Looking at them, you might ask yourself if the longer barrel does add enough performance to warrant the expenses to buy, weight to carry, and bulk to handle. Thinking about it, there come quite a few answers to mind.

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