TEN 336 - TSLA Quarterlies, VW’s April Fools Backfires, Citroen Ami Coming To The U.S.

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The Timings

00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - Welcome
01:04 - Tesla publishes its quarterlies
01:57 - Electrify America now has 600 Charging stations in the U.S.
02:43 - Ford announced new battery R&D facility
03:34 - Volkswagen is under investigation by the SEC after April Fools’ Joke
04:20 - Chervolet announced battery fix for Bolt EV
05:11 - Elon Musk says no to a PR Department.
06:02 - GM to build two electric SUVs for Honda by 2024
06:49 - European EV sales soar
07:45 - GM Ultium Charge 360 integrates payment and authorization from 7 charging networks to provide a more unified charging experience.
08:42 - Volkswagen launches ID.4 GTX
08:58 - Ital design and williams engineering partnering to provide EV platform and design for automakers
09:10 - A large study aggregating multiple data sources says that people don’t plug in their plug-in hybrids and emissions are much worse than manufacturers suggest.
09:27 - Quds Rise (translation: Jerusalem in arabic) sports car launched in Lebanon.
09:42 - Chargepoint adds Android Auto support to their app allowing you to start charging from the car
09:57 - The Little Car Company building full size version of 80’s RC car Tamyia Wild One.
10:13 - Actual unintended acceleration incidents in the Brompton E-bikes - software fix.
10:26 - E-pilen concept revealed with fixed/removal batteries - part of a number of urban motorbike concepts in development from Husqvarna
10:41 - VW Way to zero convention discusses how VW plan to get to zero emissions.
10:56 - Auto suppliers urge Congress to slow transition to electric vehicles to preserve jobs
11:12 - Hummer EVs spotted in Nevada - Clearly doing testing
11:23 - Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS spotted in Germany on Nurburgring
11:41- OX Motorcycles says its cafe racer-inspired 8kW bike is ready
11:54- Tesla Cybertruck camper attachment raises $50 million in orders - but doesn’t exist yet.
12:11 - General Motors is investing $1 Billion in Mexico EV production plant
12:26 - Tesla completes Supercharger route to Mount Everest Base Camp
12:43 - VW announces the construction of a third MEB production plant in China
12:53 - Tesla gets into trouble with EPA over paint shop.
13:05 - BMW announces a new battery production facility in Leipzig, Germany.
13:15 - Portland International Raceway bans electric cars from its track
13:26 - UK poll shows majority of drivers believe EVs are too expensive, and don’t know about Plug-in Car Grants
13:42 - BioHybrid Files for insolvency
13:54 - Benelli invites you to take a ride on its Dong
14:17 - Citroen Ami EV is coming to Washington DC
16:17 - Tesla Model S Plaid + with Caviar Gold is an eyesore.
17:43 - Thanks, and Goodbye!
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