SBI INR 20 +GST में ग्राहकों के लिए अपर्याप्त बैलेंस चार्ज लगाने की बात कही ,फिनो बैंक ने आगाह किया

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It is advised to perform Balance Inquiry first for all SBI customers visiting FPB points for Debit Card Cash Withdrawal through MATM – as SBI has stated levying Insufficient Balance Charges to customers @INR 20 +GST

: New Functionality for DMT Transaction – Auto Mode of Transactions
Purpose: To know about the new functionality for DMT Transaction – Auto Mode of
About the new functionality – Auto Mode of Transactions:
Effective 11th August’20, new option – ‘Auto’ will be available for Walk-in customer on Fund Transfer page, in addition to
IMPS and NEFT options. This option will be auto selected merchant however can select the IMPS or NEFT option as per
the available radio button
If ‘Auto’ option is selected then payment mode (i.e. IMPS or NEFT) for transaction will be decided by system
When ‘Auto’ option is selected, system will give first preference to NEFT transfer and if NEFT transfer is down than the
IMPS transaction will be initiated
If bank is down for NEFT and IMPS both then error will be returned i.e. ‘For the selected bank, IMPS & NEFT transaction
is not allowed at this time’
With this functionality DMT transfer can be handled efficiently and issues such as banks being down during DMT transfer
on NEFT or IMPS now can be handled swiftly with system decision mode configuration at backend
Hence, it is advised to all users to check, whether the Auto mode is selected while doing DMT transactions
This functionality is enabled for certain users for CUG, for rest of the users functionality will be enabled from next week
Nodal Officer
Incase the complaint is not responded or the customer is not satisfied, the customer can contact
List of Nodal Officers
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