NEW TOP 5 CFYPTO GEM! CAN THESE CRYPTOS 100X FROM HERE? Gem Finders Season 2, Episode 8 !

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General Info:
Episodes Will be Fridays at 4pm CST!
At the end of the season the top 5 ranked cryptos will compete for 1st place.
Information on Ranking System provided below!

Constant spam will result in a temporary mute.
All cryptos are chosen either from twitter or the chat unless sponsored.

Sponsorship Primary Requirements:
Must be Doxxed or Doxx yourself to me.
Must have locked liquidity.
Must have an audit done or currently in progress.
Must Have proof of progress on road map.
Must be able to breakdown token distribution.

For Sponsorship inquiries email me at

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Ranking System Info:
The rankings provided on this series should in no way be considered representations of the companies, but my opinion and position on the companies themselves! This ranking system is solely an illustration of the good and bad things that I can find about a company in the short amount of provided time! There are two ranking systems that are used on this series:

Established (Represented by "EST")
Speculative (Represented by ("Spec")

Or If A Crypto Project is Too new to rank now but has potential it will receive a "Revisit" Ranking!

How new a project is, and the amount of progress that has been made, dictates which ranking system is used on the project IF there is enough information provided to even rank them! If there is not enough info in my opinion, I will simply just give my opinion on what I think the project needs to do to move forward. The champions of this series, which are the top 3 crypto projects that are highest ranked on the established ranking system, will compete at the end of each month to see who will leave the month as the Gem Finders champion!

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is in no way financial advice. This video shall be taken as entertainment purposes ONLY and no investment decisions made by any party shall be made from the research and information shared in this video.

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